Space Clearing For Home or Work Space

Space Clearing For Home or Work Space

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Space clearing & healing is effective and necessary for your home or work space, ​to restore harmony and uplift the vibration of the building, land and everyone within it.

This can be done with me present in person or from a distance with no impact on its efficacy.

Space clearing also helps with financial flow, a sense of calm in the space and is also helpful if you have children in your household who are unsettled or seem frightened in their room at night, or in the day for that matter.

How often does a space require or benefit from energy clearing?

Anytime is a good time! But especially when moving into a new home, or after an illness or separation or other traumatic event. Otherwise, once a year for maintenance is good but once per season is even better!

Available via:  Face to Face, Phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger

Call out fee for in-person space clearing: Additional  $40 +/- depending on location