Meditation Guide & Facilitator 1:1 sessions

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I have been practicing meditation for the past 16 years and it truly changed my life, healed my heart & opened my mind.


This is such an invaluable tool to help with reducing stress levels, increased health & wellness, gaining meta-cognition and SO. Much. More!


I would be honored to share this experience with you and guide you through just how easy and pleasant it can be- it's OK if you can't get your mind to stop or your nose or toes to stop itching or twitching.


In one on one sessions I will create a completely customized meditation practice tailored to suit your needs on the day.


At the very least, it will be relaxing & restorative. At best, it will be life changing.


Workshops are also available and are suitable for all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced.


Available via:  Face to Face, phone, Whatsapp or in the group workshops at


Freshwater Wellness Centre (Upcoming dates TBA soon)


Contact Meagan, your meditation facilitator

 0424 779 739  


Some feedback..

Attendees report feeling calmer, happier and less reactive to situations in daily life. Also, improvements in sports and athletic performance have been noted as well as improved sleep and reduced physical pain due to ongoing and chronic illness. Strengthening in intuition and psychic abilities is also a result of continued meditation practice.

The benefits are truly endless, this just names a few!