Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing

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Energy Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates the energy circuits in our physical and subtle bodies to regain contentment, coherence, health and well-being on a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level.

This benefits the immune system, endocrine system, nervous system- in fact, every system of the body! Plus, it re-harmonises our emotions, our clarity of thought and ability to focus. It also enhances ones intuition and creative thinking and problem solving.

This is helpful for anyone & everyone from all walks of life.

After a session, clients report feeling "lighter", clearer, happier, more calm and peaceful.

The healing work has the ability to restore a sense of wholeness, increase happiness & “Light heartedness”.

Meagan creates energetic healing sessions using a unique, tailored blend of modalities, including Reiki, Seichim, Serenity Vibrational Healing & Enlightenment Technique, Sound healing & Crystal healing.

Available via:  face-to-face at Lotus or by distance to you at home, anywhere in the world.

Pre-treatment discussion & debrief after session can be done via skype, email or phone.

*Energy healing is non-local, so is not restricted by any distance or a need to be in the same room or time zone. Distance does not diminish the potency of the treatment and I find, in some cases, it even enhances the effect.