Meet Your Spirit Guides Masterclass 90 min Duration -PRE SALE! COMING SOON

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By completing this masterclass, you will;
Strengthen your communication with your spirit guides,
as well as your higher self, angels and passed-over loved ones.
You will deepen your intuition, gain a deeper understanding of subtle energies & 
I will be your guide and coach to optimize your results and hold you in a safe container.
In this masterclass we will;
~ Strengthen your natural psychic senses 
~ Connect you with your guides and loved ones in spirit
~ Connect you with your higher self ~ and cover what that even is.
~ Give you tools to protect your energy and navigate these other realms with ease.
and most of all- we will have great fun! 
This is a digital download, so you can
attend, watch, and revisit at any time that suits you! 
This will be a
Pre-recorder digital product.
(Platform TBC)
On your phone, PC, laptop or iPad,
From the comfort of your home, in your jammies.HOW muchInvestment for this masterclass is normally 
BUT is on PRE-sale early bird special
Down to $19
Savings of $101

PAYMENT METHODShere via the website with credit card or PayPal
Send Meagan card details to process payment via Square.
Remitly App if you are outside of Australia
*Invoice can be emailed if required.WHAT to bring Yourself, your smile and your open mindPlenty of water to stay hydrated.Pens & PencilsNotebook or journalAny crystals you like, incense, anything that relaxes you.
WHOThis is open to anyone interested and willing to connect with their spirit guides,
or other Spirit Team Members.
In my experience, developing this skill enhances the joy, lightheartedness, and synchronicities in life.
It has many practical applications to support you in all areas of your life.
It can improve your health, wholeness, happiness, relationships, career and finances.
All of these invitations are simple suggestions to optimize the ease with which you connect to higher vibrational states and beings.
But by no means is it essential.Be gentle on yourself  and see what feels right for you.
For minimum 48 hours prior to course commencement;
  • Eat mostly whole foods. Including lots of fresh food with good life force energy (Organic ideally) fruit, veg & herbs etc
  • Meditate Daily. Prioritize quiet time each day to practice relaxing and listening to your body, intuition and spirit and being aware of your thoughts. Even if its just a matter of minutes.
  • Avoid too many toxins including alcohol, excess caffeine, processed foods and/or avoiding your emotions.
  • Movement regularly. Exercise, walking, being in nature- to get the energy moving and the breath to be deeper.

A collection of free meditations from Meagan can be found onSoundcloud & YouTube via this links below.

This will help prepare you to optimally focus, learn, integrate and connect with your higher self & spirit guides.Thank you and I look forward to sharing these teachings with you soon!

With much love & gratitude,