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Luminous Skin & Soul Package

A heavenly combination of a 60 minute, Energetic healing and 60 minute Facial Treatment 

Including a 15 minute intuitive reading & a de-stress scalp massage, this is a deeply restorative treatment that will leave you with a sense of clarity, feeling lighter & looking radiant - inside & out! 

1 x 2 hour Session $280 - SAVE $30 

buy 2 x 2 hour sessions and use both yourself or gift the other to a loved one

and SAVE $60! 


Bespoke Energetic Healing & Balancing

3 x 60 min Sessions for $420 - SAVE $15

6 x 60 min Sessions for $830 - SAVE $40

3 x 90 min Sessions for $480 - SAVE $30 

6 x 90 min Sessions for $963 - SAVE $57



What is Energetic Healing & Balancing?

Stress, stored old emotions, anxiety and tension makes us sick and negatively impacts our health, happiness & relationships.

These are all energies that vibrate at a lower frequency and effect the electromagnetic field of the body.

Energy Healing is a very effective tool to clear out & de-clutter the physical, mental and emotional bodies of these stored emotions, stresses & tensions.

This results in a higher vibrational frequency in every cell of the body, which promotes health, happiness and a sense of ease.

Energy Healing is an umbrella term for any therapy that manipulates the flow of life force energy in our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual selves.

This results in increased contentment, health, happiness, clarity, calm and focus. And so much more.

This also benefits the immune system, endocrine system, nervous system- in fact, every system of the body! 

It also enhances one's intuition, creative thinking and problem solving.

This is helpful for anyone & everyone from all walks of life.

After a session, clients report feeling "lighter", clearer, happier, more calm and peaceful.

The healing work has the ability to cause anything from deep relaxation through to powerful transformation in letting go of old patterns, traumas and limiting beliefs. The only limit on the work will be your own state of readiness.

I create bespoke energetic healing sessions using a unique and tailored blend of modalities, including



Chakra Balancing & Clearing

Serenity Vibrational Healing & Enlightenment Technique

Sound healing & Crystal healing 

Trance channeled healing.

I look forward to guiding you through your healing journey.

Much love,


Available for a limited time only.

A testimonial to the work;

"The last few months have been really difficult and I've found your support so helpful. During our sessions, I immediately felt reassured as you seemed to intuitively understand my situation without me needing to explain it. Your insight has given me hope for the future. Since our session over a week ago, I have felt more peaceful and at ease than I have for weeks. Thank you." R.O