Calm Mini Course

Calm Mini Course

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The Calm Mini Course

Finding moments of stillness, peace and Calm is so important, especially at this time of year.

Prioritizing stress management & selfcare will make Christmas a more joyful time with

less overwhelm and more flow. 

This 3 part mini course is designed to bean affordable saviour and peaceful sanctuary to visit, 1 x week for 3 weeks ~

It is via Zoom with the replay available to you to watch infinite amount of times!

It will include;

~ Guided Energy Healing Meditations

~ Breathwork to quickly Calm & Slow the mind.

~ Channelled messages from spirit.

~ Practical tools that are quick and easy to reset your state of Calm anytime, anywhere!


$66, reduced from $99,

Saving you $33.



12th 19th & 23rd

December 2023


On ZOOM, to you anywhere in the world and replay available to watch anytime and multiple times.

Book your spot and I look forward to holding space for you in this calming,

re-energising sanctuary leading up to the silly season!