Beauty Therapy

Beauty Therapy

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With 17 years’ experience as a skin care expert & national educator for numerous international skincare companies, Meagan has a wealth of knowledge and passion to share when it comes to skincare & advanced skin treatments. 

Bespoke Facial treatments

​These facial treatments are uniquely customized to be tailored to each individuals skin needs.

Facials all include a deep cleanse, resurfacing or exfoliation depending on the skins needs, infusion of active serums, massage, masque therapy designed to target various skin concerns and finishing products to leave you looking hydrated, luminous & refreshed!

Choose between;

~ Ultimate Hydrating facial

  • Utilising Hyaluronic acid, Niacinimide ​​& Essential fatty acids to retain water content of the skin and create a plumping  
  • 60 minute duration                                                                        


~ Anti-Ageing ​Miracle               

  • Utilising potent peptides, minerals and vitamins to enhance collagen synthesis and reduce depth of lines & wrinkles
  • 60 minute duration


~ Clearing Treatment            

  • Utilising B vitamins, AHA's, BHA's & plant extracts that normalize oil flow, reduce inflammation and heal breakouts or congestion.        
  • 60 minute duration                    


~ Brightening Treatment    

  • Utilising unique peptides & antioxidants to normalise the function of the melanocyte cell responsible for hyper-pigmentation       
  • 60 minute duration                                                                            


~ Mini slice of heaven

  • An express treatment, offering maximum results in a short amount of time. Includes a deep double cleanse, exfoliation, serum & masque treatment and a deeply relaxing scalp massage.
  • 45 minute duration


Available via:  Face to face, in clinic only