The Mystery of Consciousness

With all our advancements and knowledge as a human race, our very consciousness is still a great mystery.

What is consciousness and why do we have it? 2 important and fundamental questions that remain unanswered. Our very perception of our reality as individuals is unexplained.

I personally love the fact that no one truly knows what consciousness is. It’s humbling and I love mysteries.


We still don’t know why or how we dream. Why more than 90% of people have had the experience of thinking of someone and then they phone, and we say “Oh! I was just thinking of you!” Or why most people sense when they are being stared at, even when the observer is well hidden.

Rupert Sheldrake, an amazing scientist wrote a whole book on the last 2 phenomenon and a paper that featured in the Journal of Consciousness Studies in 2005.

This is my theory; (Sure, I am not a scientist, but I can have theories, too!) Our consciousness extends far beyond the confines of our brain and interacts with a collective consciousness and that of other individuals around us. So, when we are in someone else’s field of awareness (being stared at or thought about) it is not our five senses we are employing to detect the observer or thinker but our energies, our consciousnesses are interacting.

I believe that our consciousness includes our spirit, our energy, our broader mind including our aura or energy fields. You could argue these are all much the same thing, it just depends which words you prefer to use.

Even a person who is not spiritual or overly sensitive to energies, still has these faculties functioning and available to them so can perceive more than the five senses allow.

In my theory, the extensiveness of our consciousness helps explain and enable our innate (albeit largely undeveloped) abilities for telepathy, psychic awareness, remote viewing and even mediumship. Which brings me to my next point.

The brain has been said to be the place from which consciousness arises and when we go through physical death, the light of consciousness goes out and does not survive beyond this point.

This is just another theory as we are yet to prove anything. However, Dr. Gary E Schwartz did some very interesting scientific experiments with the participation of dead people’s consciousness – to put it bluntly! That he describes in his book “The afterlife experiments”.

Through my own direct experiences, I have come to believe that our consciousness extends WAY beyond the skull and certainly continues to exist after we have died. (But life beyond death is a whole other discussion for another day!)


With our consciousness we can focus it back in time and relive past event – over and over if we choose. We can project our consciousness into the future and imagine how we want it to look. We can visualize a very vivid, colourful and lifelike image in our mind of the future and it has been shown that these thoughts, visualizations and imaginations influence how our future takes place.

So, with our consciousness, we can time travel in a way, interact telepathically with others no matter the distance, as well as create our reality. What a truly wonderful mystery I can’t wait to learn more about.




  • Jamee, thank you so much for your comment and for sharing. I look forward to checking out the link today~ I find this topic so fascinating! xx

    Meagan Leigh Cohn
  • Wonderful Meagan, love your theories. This lady talks about consciousness through her death experience when she had cancer @3:40 on. I can totally relate to a collective consciousness thing.


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