Energetic Healing; Moving into the mainstream.

I recently had the pleasure to join host, Eric Michaels on eHealth Radio for an interview podcast.

eHealth Radio Network shares the most current information featuring innovators and leading experts in healthcare and wellness who are changing health care as we know it. And I was lucky enough to join them!


The reason I wanted to do this is because it is past the due time where we need to de-mystify therapies such as Energetic healing, so they can become increasingly available to an increasing number of people- from all walks of life.


Energy healing is a gentle yet powerful, non-invasive, deeply relaxing and restorative therapy. Reiki, just to name one therapy, has been proven to improved patient sleep by 86%, reduced pain by 78% reduced nausea by 80%  and reduced anxiety (during pregnancy, in this particular study)  by 94%. I have seen all of this and more in my own practice.


A persons bio-energetic output and electromagnetic field is now measureable with mainstream medical equipment. The GDV imaging system, created by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov a Russian bio-physicist, can detect disturbances in one’s energy flow and in key energetic points on the body- Often called Chakras. And through thousands of clinical trials, it has shown to reliably give helpful information to then be able to make, not only a more effective treatment plan but also use it as a preventative measure to pick up disturbances in the energy, at the very early stages, before they have an opportunity to turn into something much more sinister.

This is extremely valuable!


This technology also helps alternative and complimentary practitioners around the world to create a digital, visual analysis of a person’s energy field and chakras before and after their treatments to illustrate the improvement. I find 99% of people can viscerally and tangibly feel the improvement anyway, but what a great technology to have available now!  


It should no longer be a question if auras or chakras exist, even though most people can’t see them with the naked eye. It is measureable and proven.

Western medicine has just come up with other, more clinical sounding, fancy words for them (Perhaps to avoid having to state that the ancients were right all along? They were not speaking philosophically but rather, literally.

Not dissimilar to the fascinating discoveries and theories of recent times of the “Quantum field”, the Holographic universe by Michael Talbot, Morphic resonance by Rupert Sheldrake and “Spooky action at a distance by Albert Einstein and so many others that starts to show us how we are all connected. We are all one. Again, an ancient “philosophy” that modern science is only starting to realize is literal. I feel like academia likes to paint modern day medicine and science as the pinnacle of intelligence and technology and any civilizations that came before us where much vacuous and primitive. I just do not believe this to be true. But that’s a whole other topic. I digress..)


So please listen in and join me for a brief overview and discussion on how energetic healing can benefit you, your family, your pets and our healthcare system!




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