3 Common Myths about Energy Healing

3 Common Myths about Energy healing


Myth number 1

Energy healing is only for hippy dippy or spiritual people

Quantum mechanics now confirms what the Buddha explained 2500 thousand years ago. That everything is vibration, frequency, energy. Including us, at the deepest level.

We can use this information to discuss, validate and espouse many spiritual truths. But the fact remains, we are all made of energy. If you are a hippy, a spiritualist, an atheist, a banker or an axolotl matters not- We are all energy.

And it is proven that when this energy is coherent, harmonic and flowing it optimizes our health, well being and happiness.

Energy healing is any modality that balances and harmonises the flow of energy through any living organism. So, it has the definite potential to help anyone and everyone who is willing to give it a sincere go.


Myth number 2

Energy healing is unproven to have any positive health effects


Proof means evidence that is so strong that it would be statistically unreasonable to deny it.

After all the 1000’s of studies done by amazing and maverick scientists, doctors, researchers and healers in the past few hundred years, that has been confirmed, reaffirmed and supported with the amazing work of more recent such people, it is safe to say this myth is unequivocally false.

Many of these studies have been published in some of the world’s most prestigious journals. Some examples are The American Association for the advancements of science, Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine, Journal of Alternative and complimentary medicine and more.


Having said that, I always feel the most important evidence of all is from your own direct, firsthand experience. And in my personal experience, as a recipient and facilitator energy healing has proven itself to be an effective therapy time and time again. Day in, day out.

The scientific validation is nice, to satisfy the intellect but nothing confirms the truth more than our personal and direct experience and how it made us feel.


Myth number 3

 Energy Healing is for people who are broken, lost or confused. Or have been seriously abused or traumatized.

Energy healing can certainly help people that are sadly in those situations but as we talked about before, we are all made of energy.

And when this energy flows in an optimal way, we are healthier, happier and our overall wellbeing is far better.

So, whether you utilise this therapy for a preventative health measure, to cultivate emotional balance and harmony, to have healthier happier relationships or to accelerate physical or emotional healing from stress, upset or physical impact or injury you are going to benefit greatly.


Everyone has stress in their lives to varying degrees. Stress is said to be the root cause of 97%+ doctors visits and at the root of most dis-ease and illness. So, any relaxing therapy that prevents and reverses the effects of stress is invaluable to all members of any society.


Having said all that let me now say this.


I don’t believe that any one therapy is going to be right for every single person. We are all so wonderfully different so different approaches and therapies are going to suit different people at different times. I respect this, and I also respect that no therapy mainstream or alternative provides results 100% of the time. Energy healing is no different.


But how wonderful that such a gentle, non-invasive, subtle yet powerful and deeply relaxing therapy is available to anyone who is wanting it.


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