The Soul Journey 2020

The Soul Journey 2020

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Meditation Workshops:

7pm to 8:15pm


 Wednesday 26th Feb 

Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 22nd April 

Wednesday 20th May 

Wednesday 17th June 

Wednesday 15th July 

Wednesday 12th August 

Wednesday 9th September
Teaching, Channeled messages & Energy Forecast online workshops:
Wednesday 11th March 
Energetic maintenance, healing & hygiene plus
Grounding Protecting Connecting "How to"
in preparation to meet your spirit guides 

Wednesday 8th April
Connect with your spirit guides & spirit team Part 1

Wednesday 6th May
Psychic abilities  - we identify your strengths & weaknesses & develop both!

Wednesday 3rd June
Connect with your spirit guides & spirit team Part 2
(part 1 is prerequisite)
(Too much good stuff to fit in 1 session!)

Wednesday 1st July 
Soul mates, twin flames & how to find or thrive with yours
plus we discuss soul contracts & soul groups

Wednesday 29th July
Psychic & mediumship abilities Part 2 
(part 1 is prerequisite)
(again, too much good stuff to fit into 1 session)

Wednesday 26th August 
Manifesting, Intention setting, Law of Attraction
including guided processes to super charge your attraction capacity

Wednesday 23rd September 
Chakras, Energetic anatomy, science & spirituality 
(Subject to change pending groups votes,
in case you want to cover entities, ghosts, karma, DMT spirit molecule or any other requested topic or a wrap up and review with open discussion & Q&A on all that we have covered. TBA )

$35 per session for meditation or teachings


The Soul Journey Path 1 $634 or $599 with early bird discount


The Soul Journey Path 2 $1843 or $1777 with early bird discount

Some of these 75 minute work shops will be ideally enjoyed as a 2 part series- see notes where applicable.



These classes are all suitable for all levels of experience, regardless where you are at on your spiritual path.