Full Moon Meditation & Chakra Healing Workshop

Full Moon Meditation & Chakra Healing Workshop

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Workshops Available:

4:00PM to 5:30PM 

Sunday 4th March - With Focus on the Base Chakra 

Wednesday 4th April 7pm - With Focus on the Sacral Chakra 

Sunday 29th April - With Focus on the Solar Plexus Chakra 

Sunday 27th May - With Focus on the Heart Chakra 

Sunday 1st July -  With Focus on the Throat Chakra 

Sunday 29th July - With Focus on the Third Eye 

Sunday 26th August - With Focus on the Crown Chakra 


$39 for single sessions 


$35 for the course of 7, Total of $245 save $28

These 90 minute work shops will best be enjoyed as a series, as we will move through the Chakra system one by one, each full moon, but classes can be attended individually, if needed.

It will be a soul soothing, realigning blend of Pranayama & gentle stretches, guided meditation & healing.

We will do chakra clearing and balancing, heart opening and raising your vibration to promote optimal health, happiness and strengthened intuition!


I have been practicing meditation for the past 13+ years and it truly changed my life, healed my heart & opened my mind.

This is such an invaluable tool to help with reduced stress levels, increased health & wellness and so much more!

I would be honoured to share this experience with you and guide you through just how easy and pleasant it can be- it's OK if you can't get your mind to stop or your nose or toes to stop itching or twitching.


This class is suitable for all levels of experience from beginners to advanced.